Around Our Table Recipe Book


120 seasonal, flexible vegetable-forward recipes for family and friends

Around Our Table is Sara Forte’s third and most personal cookbook. It comes from years of work on the Sprouted Kitchen blog and Cooking Club, which has provided insights into how people actually want to cook and what obstacles they face.

Around Our Table is her answer to the question “what do I make for dinner when I feel overwhelmed and short on time “And more importantly, “How do I fall in love with cooking again?”. Sara shares her honest and unfussy insights from heavy-lifting sauces that can work for multiple meals, to truly flexible meals (accommodating picky kids, dietary restrictions, and time limitations), tips on which dinners will travel well, freeze well, and feed a group. With ideas for all of life’s big moments; birthday celebrations, bridal showers, and meals to deliver to families with new babies, or sick relatives.

Through 120 recipes, she shares her perspective on how she feeds her family and friends with dishes like Mexican Caesar Brussels with Cornbread Crispies, Chicken Parmesan Meatballs, and a Gingersnap Pumpkin Tart. These are endlessly flexible recipes, and headnotes and sidebars will include tips to prep ahead and swaps for making dishes gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan or vegetarian.

Sara’s writing is like talking to a friend who has a little more kitchen experience than you and understands the obstacles you’re up against. The book contains sample menus for easy entertaining, and make-ahead meals in an approachable, forgiving way that relies on a mix of homemade and packaged ingredients.