Handmade Vintage Leather Handbag


Premium Authentic Full Grain Leather. Luxuriously soft and pliable, this leather ages gracefully with wear, showcasing its enduring beauty.
Size/Dimensions: 7.48in (H) X 7.28in (W) X 3.54in (D)
Adjustable genuine leather shoulder strap.
Highly durable solid Antique finish metal fittings.
Genuine YKK brand known for long lasting and durable zipper closures ensure security of your essentials.
Enhanced with decorative rivets, adding a touch of rugged elegance.

The Spaghetti Western creations undergo a meticulous hand-dyeing process utilizing an individualized method. Each creation is meticulously guided through multiple stages, featuring a proprietary approach involving hand dyeing, buffing, brushing, and finishing. This process demands significant time and attention to detail. Nonetheless, the outcome is a captivating blend of vintage and patina aesthetics, ensuring that each creation possesses its own unique and exclusive appearance. .